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Antonius Ra Presents: The World * One of the most breathtaking worldwide collections to grace the internet
Bob Hohentz Telegraph Collection An Intermediate United States Telegraph Stamp Collection
Boyd's Local Post Lawrence LeBel's Boyd's Local Post Exhibit
Bjorn Bakken's pages History on Stamps, includes Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Romania, and Serbia in English and Norwegian
Chile Philately Archive of a wonderful Chile collection
Dana A. Krueger Collection * Thirty four countries displayed and counting!
German Marshall Islands Collection Dirk H.R. Spennemann; Stamps and Postal History of the German Marshall Islands
Great Britain pages Printable pages for Great Britain imperforate issues of 1840 and 1841
Imprints: 1847 to 1868, US Usages One frame exhibit by Chip Gliedman on this topic
Jim's Album Pages A nice United States Collection, including a lot of information on making custom pages for your own collection.
Philatelic Mineralogy by Richard Busch
Rhodesian Admirals Reference collection
Richard Frajola Antigua Collection Wonderfully complete examples of the early Antigua issues
Riga Postcard Collection Wonderful online collection featuring postcards from the capital of Latvia
Queensland Traveling Post Offices
Sperati Forgeries Reference collection of forged stamps by Sperati
Sudetenland 1938-1945, a postal historic story * Knud-Erik's online exhibit.
Swiss Razor Cancels Roger Heath's DeCoppet Razor Cancels of Switzerland
Venezuelan Collection Williams Castllo's Collection of Venezuela, including a forgery reference guide. In Spanish
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