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In most cases, this collection may also be considered a want list.  If you have stamps to offer that can fill holes, or can replace defective or misidentified items, feel free to email me.  Suggestions as to the design and implementation of this web site are also encouraged.
1916-1917 Semi-Postal
1935 Semi-Postal
1934-1937 Air Post
1863-1869 Postage Due
1871-1901 Postage Due
1905-1913 Postage Due
1913-1916 Postage Due
1917 Postage Due
1917-1919 Postage Due
1922 Postage Dues
1926-1936 Postage Due
1898 Military Stamps
1879-1896 Printed Matter
1893-1898 Printed Matter
1901 Printed Matter
1905 Printed Matter
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